Friday, October 2, 2009

my journey in IK....

My life in Ik start with a name....."Prinzess"...she is a princess indeed , i can never forget the day she brought me here and that's when my life journey begin.

Then i meet the most wonderful people on Earth, i must say....starting with MAMA KODI..our dearest Co-Axial team leader, sweet and loving person...she had taught me a lot, supporting me in good or bad time. always believe in wut ever circumstances, and i appreciate it, a LOT...
My teammates...Raihana, the ambitious one, a little bit money oriented..u don't believe me?? well, view her blog, she even draw her house in 5 years time, not to forget..."Raihan's fried", her so called goreng pisang stall...and Azie, interesting gurlz...a lil bit crazy, never afraid of anything i guess, she just AZIE...and then Sara, this lovely gurlz have a beautiful smile...with a very kind heart, but u will be surprise how strong she is. Rika the youngest in our team...very soft spoken and thoughtful but sometime can be a lil bit naughty. There....all of my teammates, Opsss....not to forget Ezan & Liyana, even though they are no longer with IK. We are the Co-Axial, we have gone through a lot and there's no way i'm gonna forget all of these memories.

And there's more....Ida, haven't got the chance to get to know you very closely...this gurlz have a very sincere feeling, she fill us with her LOVE...sometime very sensitive. Karmila....wut should i say about this gurlz, can't really understand her but u know she will be there if u need lover, as she said " i love money and money love me"...but then she really deserve it Annie....the and playful, make us laugh all the time. Zetty...young but full of spirit, and Ainun....the Comel one, hehehe....dont know wut else to say about her, with her twins, Nurul....both are just remarkable frenz. and Yana....u too gurlz.

Hope i didn't miss out anyone...GURLZ, each one of u got a very special place in my heart..
I love u all....and seriously i'm gonna miss u all like Hell..


  1. Thanks for all the sweet words... Weee!!!

  2. wee....dia wat dah, ayat2 comel dia

  3. pliz ye kak...
    put Raihan at the whole of ur heart...

  4. huhuhu..sedihnye bunyi..
    rindu kat zara, baru nak kenal rapat.
    cewahh...hikhikhik.. :)

    lol? i love money and money love me?? hehe..itu
    ida yg ajar dan ida amik dari Dr. Alvin.

  5. mmm.. Zara... God have given me sometimes to have a little space of yours to filled me in.. so thank you.. and wonderful person you are.. SMART woman i have to say.. All the best to you gal.. and of course friendship never end!!
    @ Roxy.. i like when you said weeeee!! its sooo YOU!!

    xxx - Raikkonious



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