Saturday, December 26, 2009

No Regrets...

Past few months, things really change drastically...I'm still trying to figure out what exactly had happened...I try to gather these puzzles, pieces by pieces and put  it together...and yet fail to find the answer...I try really hard to accept.

Am I afraid of changes?? Yes...because day by day I felt like I have to be someone else rather than myself.. from a simple salesgirl to someone that have the power to make decision...and with every decision u make, there's consequences u need to bear...and then everything else start to friend and my love responsibility..everything.

I'm the one who make this decision...coz i really believe in faith, that better things waiting for me...BUT what if I'm wrong?? What if I'm not strong enough to face this.?? I look around, and I see one by one leaving me..untill there's NO ONE around me anymore..and I get really scared...Ya ALLAH, please give me strength, give me ur hard I pray for someone to be with me...the same way that I'm gonna be with them when they need me.

Then...suddenly I realise...there will be no regrets, no turning back...Coz I'm on my own..


  1. u can do it mis zara ciara....

    what actually happen?
    is it bcoz of 'it'?

    BTW,since i dunno what really ur story and problems that u r facing now..i really hope u'll be ok kak...

    Believe in faith that all the things that we have now are only lend by HIM..

    Be strong kak!

  3. raihan: thank u dear, lots os things in my mind now..dont worry, i have to be strong

  4. kak za korang mmg strong.. then dia mmg degil.. n lagi 1.. kalo dia nak satu2 tu... dia akan wat smpi dia dpt...

  5. awak le.. sapa lg yg sy maksudkan kat sini cik zara ciara oi!



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