Friday, March 19, 2010


This blog is where i can express myself..i can be happy, sad, frustrated or mixture of feelings. Sometime things are better left unsaid BUT sometimes there are things u just can't keep it to urself...

I'm getting married in 2 months time...yeah i'm happy eventhough there're sooooo many things to think about..I don't have enough time and money but we'll pull it through somehow... It's hard when i'm here all alone, doing things on my own...far from my family, far from my fiancee....AND when i get really tired, tears wil be my only friend...

Few weeks back, me and my fiancee went to bridal shop...We pick up some dresses and I feels like on top of the world, i like the dresses so much  i don't even ask for the price...GUrlz, belive me, u gonna be crazy... and He just smile looking at my excitement...jumping like a kid...and the white gown, it so damn always been my dream since i was little,  wearing gowns on my wedding.

We talk about our theme..our honeymoon...try to make our wedding perfect within our limited least perfect for's so frustrating when u want something so bad but u juz can't have it becoz u dont have enough money...BUT then i realise the only thing that i need is someone to be with matter where and in what circumstances..when we both smiling then it's already PERFECT..

and one last word for my beloved fiancee...we will make this PERFECT our way...promise.
to my brother Hairi hashim...i appreciate ur concern, i really do...i'm not used to be taken care of other people rather than my family and my fiancee..But the most valuable present that u can give is ur PRESENCE on MY WEDDING day...that will be more than enough...


  1. hmmm lets make it PERFECT our way syg... 1 more thing.. should i put that pict in here?

  2. pic zara try baju la sara...

  3. hmm...insya-Allah.. kalau panjang umur.. ada rezeki... sampai la kat sana...lagi baik kalau ada carpet merah.. ada orang sambut.. ada kompang bila sampai.. perrgghh!! hehehe

    edy : boleh bro....? hahaha

    kalau pi honeymoon.. korang nak pi mana..? langkawi..? bali...?

  4. nak wedding ceremony yg perfect tak semestinye kene ada yg mahal2.. yang penting semua selamat...

    - popot

  5. syg : jgn2....nt xsuprise...sara klo nak tgk kena lar dtg kenduri kita tau

  6. POPOT: hmmmm....ktorg nak g honeymoon kat MILAn, hehehehe, satu hari nanti lar. time tu dah separuh abad kot

    yup...i agreed, hopefully sume selamat and everyone's more crisis

  7. haha...popot pn ade komen la kak doubt!

    ermm..congratz again for ur new stages in ur life..where u will belongs to sumbody...which him...

    All the best for you guys!

    p/s-part of us will join you in contributing the HAVOC moment at during ur wedding day!!!

    Can't wait to see u guys!

  8. hi zara..
    congratulation..i am so happy for you and edy,

    hah..pas ni baru real jadi pakcik edy kan edy?

    xpew la, doa banyak2 agar Allah permudahkan
    segala urusan korang tuk memdirikan rumahtangga. semoga kebahgaian korang bahagia
    dunia akhirat okay? amin. :)

  9. bro : carpet merah aku dah tanya.. diorang ckp dah abis org tempah... kalo rumput carpet tu.. umah zara ada la bro.. kalo nak kompang.. aku suruh DJ tuh pasang MP3 kompang heheheheheh!!!

    dany : apa plak pakcik edy... i blom tua lg ocay!
    tengkiu 4 ur wish... kiotrang pn doakan yg terbaik 4 u n kekez.. nnt kndri jgn lupa jmpt kitorang g..

    raihan : nnt datang wat kaco kat umah zara n kasi havoc ocay!

  10. kalau saya datang dgn "orang" tu.. lagi havoc kot... hehehehe


  11. raihan: sonoknyer korang nak syg korang ni..korang gegarkan satu kg pon bleh

    dany: thanks dany...kita doakan tuk u and ur future hubby also k..

    popot: ele dtg ler...kot klo pg tak kembali ZARA xtau lar kan



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