Sunday, April 25, 2010

Life make me thinking..... frenz's mom left this deepest condolence to her..
really, i can't find the best words that i can say to make she feel better...COZ there are NONE..
my tears drop as i think of what if it will be should i possibly react at that time??? 
to lost someone so dear to your's like ur whole life was taken away from u....
GOsHH....will i have the strength to face it when the time comes...

I saw my mom facing death once...i witnessed every single moment...and i pray please don't let me face it again
I'm shaking...can't think of mind totally blank, i dont know who i can turn for help..
NOBODY can help u when the time comes...The truth is UGLY..face it


  1. when the time come..u have Allah to turn on to..

  2. rauhan: yup...thanks for reminding me DEAR, u are rite...



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