Sunday, September 26, 2010


well...since i'm just bored and cant think of more exciting things to do (eventhough got lots of assignment, which obviously not really exciting )...i thought, i'm gonna put some photos of my first raye with my new family at kedah. so this is it...after raya prayer, we took some photos...and i must's different, the surrounding, situation and the feel of it...i was really touch by the acceptence of our neighbours..they are just like families and i feel like welcomed...that's a good sign isnt??/ hehehe....

so..this is my new family...and as my bro-in- law use to say to his mom...we got a new member this year. i'm still trying to fit myself in, try my best to make it less awkward as possible...and guess wut, i think i did it, we all had fun...and hopefully they can stand being with me...hahahahah...
i love u mom, dad and my two brothers...and of course my HUBBY, love him so damn's weird how a realtionship is first we didnt even know their name...and one day, u become one of them...
it is fast...and sometime i just afraid i cant cope with it...BUT as for now, i'm really happy to be here...i'm happy to have another person who love me...thank u for accepting me...I LOVE U all

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