Wednesday, January 5, 2011

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hmmm...dekat2 dua bulan bercuti ni baru nak wat blog..hehe. seperti yg anda sedia maklum, cheeewah...aku skunk seorang student, so ader lar cuti sem...sonok tu mmg sonok, al maklumlah dulu time keje pnyer lar ssh nak cuti, cuti pon dok pk keje...skg penat aku nak pk nak wat aper lar cuti lama2..

tapi...bersyukur lar aku ader byk masa cuti compare to yg bekerja, enjoy it while u can...hhehehe. pasni bila keje, ambik ko. i enjoyed my time at home, wit hubby n famili, lots of things to learn, totally new experience...ktorg p holiday and jenjalan kat s alam, penang and attend lots of weddings..pastu shopping kain ngan mama...asal kuar jer mesti bl sumthin, kopak poket aku..hehehe. to make it short, i am really happy..

bdway, my result is not as good as it suppose to be..frankly speaking i am dissapointed, however no one to blame except urself...guess i need to see through a bigger picture, what is done cannot be undone...just move on. today is my second class...and i felt a bit nervous, DAMN...all the subjects and requirement are killing me...daa, how on earth am i goin to achieve a good result???

aku dok pikir2, aku kena wat sumthin lar...i mean differences in my life, not only for my studies but also plan further...skg aku tgh slow2 wat bende2 yg aku raser patut wat awal2 korunk2 sume doakan lar aku n famili yer...

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