Monday, May 2, 2011

END of SEM 2...bumblecee, i'm gonna miss u

well...this sem has come to an end, left only one more proposal to go..cant wait to finally submit it and release this heavy burden in my had been a very callenging period, i must say...never in my wildest imagination...taking MBA would make me cry...hahahhah, yet it does

but, i'm really grateful to be in my group...all this luvely people who made up my day. thank godness i've been blessed to know them, with all the ups and down, laugh and tears...we manage to go through, even if we had to drag ourself to have done it...these people made it possible.

i have fun being with them...juz hanging out, laugh, going for movies and we even went to karaoke...lots of happy memories...

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