Thursday, March 15, 2012

first day teaching

tanggal 14/03/2012 adalah hari yg bersejarah dimana telah lahirlah seorang lagi pendidik di muka bumi ini...huahhhaaa, gempak tak ayat???exceli hari ni first day aku start mengajar, excited terlebih lar katakan....sebelum melangkah masuk, hati berdangdut...setelah melangkah masuk...there's elephant in my stomach...tgh2 mengajar, try to control my facial expression....CHILL Beb...habis mengajar alhamdulillah, lega...conclusion nyer, nilah macam2 perasaan yg aku rasa time tu, and frankly speaking it is all worthed with a single smile of my students.

i think i like this kata don't jump to conclusion, there's a lot more for u to face...dah bz nt, baru mengeluh penat, tension, bla bla bla....ngan problem student, mgt...and etc. yup, i totally agreed....but i realize sumthin, i've been working before and these feelings isn't the same...the feeling of to be able to give to people, help them to grow and share with them my own experience as we grew older, that feeling of self satisfaction....there might be hanky panky along the way, of course...this is called life..but i'm still happy at least for now.

wish me all the best...i will learn to be a good teacher and i hope my students are getting sumthin valuable from me, not only to pass the examination, most important to live their life...their future and hereafter....pray for me....semoga hati ini ikhlas...dan sentiasa ikhlas, kerana aku adalah hamba nya yg lemah..sentiasa membuat kesilapan....AMIN

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