Sunday, July 15, 2012

wish list....

i made a wishlist before in this blog and alhamdulillah 2 of it have become a reality...there are so many things that i wish i could have, so much to experience...i like to dream,  just like watching KOREAN movies where i can live a romantic meaningful life, laugh, smile and even shed tears while watching those act...yeah, i'm a wasn't a fairy is real.

there are things that are meant to be and are not meant to be for i wish all the things i been wishing for can become true, how selfish i am when i know i can't have it all...still there's nothing wrong to put hopes in it right??? i realize it's not my time yet but why even though i keep on reminding myself, my heart
hurt each time. it's hard...and sometime really frustrating and the only things left to do is pray, and never stop praying....

then all i can do is believe.....believe in HIM, because HE knows best. put all your trust on HIM so that HE will wash away all ur tears. insya allah....


  1. love your entry sis :) very inspiring

  2. tq...sometimes its easier to put it in words when u truly didn't know what else to do



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